Tents, swags & camping gear

Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear has a huge range of tents, swags, sleeping bags and camping accessories. 

  • Oztrail
  • Outdoor Connection
  • Coleman
  • Black Wolf
  • Primus
  • Roman
  • DMH
  • Icey-Tek
  • Leatherman
  • Vitronox Knives
  • Petzl Head Torches

Oztrail Tents

Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear has a  large range of Oztrail Tents and camping gear

Outdoor Connection Tents & Camping Gear

We also keep a vast range of Outdoor Connection tents, and camping and leisure goods

Icey-Tek ice boxes

Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear has a wide range of sizes in Icey-Tek ice boxes.  We also have Engel camping fridges which can be used with 12 or 24 volt power.

Black Wolf

Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear  has a full range of Black Wolf  back packs and a limited range of tents and sleeping bags 


We have a full range of Primus gear for camping.  Stoves, cooking equipment, heaters, gas lights etc.

Swiss Army Knives

We have a full range of genuine Swiss Army Knives at competitive prices.

Torches and lights for outdoors

At Aussie digger Camping & Workwear, we have a huge range of torches, lanterns and lamps for camping and outdoors. Come in and see the range - talk to our friendly staff.

Petzl Head lamps and night lights

It's so important to have good lighting and hands free when hiking, fishing or working in the dark. A full range of Petzl head lamps are available at Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear.